It's not broken: I'm (re)designing this in the open. Follow along if you like! →

(Re)designing in the open

In the past few years, I've found several people redesigning their websites "in the open": Frank Chimero, Nathan Snelgrove, Jared Cunha, Dylan Smith and most recently Rob Weychert. Tagging along for the ride, reading their thought processes and seeing the results have been very interesting to me, so I thought why not try that myself?

Designing, building, making or whatever for yourself is hard. You're (read: I am) never satisfied and as such never really done. By doing it this way I hope to trick myself past that since this will all be a work in progress. Removing that need of only publishing that which is 100% done. We'll see how it goes!

The main reason though, I just really want one. That's all.

Current setup

I'm giving Eleventy a try, together with great a starter called Jet by Marc Amos. On top of this I've added the Image plugin. It's working but will need some configuring and adjustments along the way.

The previously mentioned starter comes prepped with Tailwind. I'm still not sure if I will end up using it or not but it certainly can't hurt having it on stand-by.

As far as JavaScript is concerned, there is none. Apart from Eleventy itself.

Vercel seems to have their shizzle together and so I'm giving Vercel for Github a try. Initial impressions? It just works?! I've been very fortunate working with some great developers and engineers who have always taken care of these tasks so this whole server setup thing is still somewhat foreign to me.

Let's go

Everything is set up, ready to go. If you want to follow along, your best bet would probably be to follow me on Twitter. Or you could just check back here every now and then — up to you!